Day One of #365morningmotivations

(For the other days of morning motivations- see here )

Theme: GRIT.

I chose to start off this thread of morning motivations with a topic very near and dear to my heart. Chances are if you are on the internet searching for some type of daily motivation you may be facing a new chapter of life, a new opportunity, or new hopes and dreams and you are looking for something to harness your excitement and really channel your energy towards the future ahead. Adversely, you may also be facing new challenges, new disappointments, perhaps unexpected circumstances that are leaving you in a negative place and you are looking for those comforting words to pick up and tell you to keep going. That is my goal here – to provide those motivational words that we all need during so many various chapters in our lives.

Each and every one of us is faced with hopes and disappointments alike. You see, its not about what happens to us but how we choose to react to it. Every cell in our bodies is affected by the stresses and emotions we feel so it is important that we stay true to ourselves and really give our bodies the self healing they so desperately need.

For this motivation I am going to turn to these Young Living Essential Oils:

  • Stress Away – These days Stress Away is all I need to support a healthy mentality and it keeps me positive all day long!
  • Valor – hello courage! Whenever I feel like I need a helping hand- this is my go to.
  • Highest Potential – Every feel like you a need little boost to get through a tough day?

Today I am going to put a couple drops of Stress Away in my diffuser while getting ready and topically apply Valor and Highest Potential to my wrists and over my heart.

(Remember: If you need your own oils- you can get your starter kit here or if you have them and you have questions on usage check out my post on different ways to use oils here. )

So- now that we have our bodies taken care of – let’s get back to the motivation! Grit.

“Grit is passion and perseverance.” Have you ever wondered why we as humans have a tendency to shy away from risk? I believe it is due to the idea that risk may not be met with instant gratification in terms of results or maybe not the exact results we wanted. But what If you knew that that success you were searching for was out there if you just stepped outside of your comfort zone? Would you do it? It might be hard- and you really have to believe in yourself, but if you persevere through the hard parts- you can get there!

“Grit is Stamina” – Stamina is the ability to keep going no matter what. God tells us that he will never give us anything that we cannot handle. Life happens- but we would never know when ‘good’ things happened if we didn’t have the disappointments to compare things to.

“Grit is sticking with your future- day in and day out. for years” – keep trying and keep pushing but open yourself up to the process. Rome wasn’t built in a day and if you are trying to make a major change in life or break any habits make sure you understand that it will take work and grind every day for longer than 24 hours.

“Working Hard to make that future a reality- grit is living life like its a marathon not a sprint”.  Take things one step or one day at a time. Push yourself and dedicate yourself to small improvements every day. Don’t diminish the small victories. We all experience trials and tribulations; joys and triumphs in different ways. Allow yourself to experience the now and before you know it that goal will be a reality.

Thoughts for the day: What does Grit look like for your life? How are you going to apply it to your day today?  What small victories have you recently had while in pursuit of that goal that might have been overlooking?

Happy Day 1. 364 more to Go.






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