Gluten Free on the Go

So.. if you have been following my posts- you might know that I recently switched my diet for health reasons to no soy, no dairy, no red meat and no gluten! For anyone that knows me – the gluten and dairy game is the WORST! I am the biggest bread and cheese or pasta advocate ever born. But alas, my body doesn’t agree with my heart šŸ˜¦

In addition to the recipes I am personally cultivating for a gluten free life (check them out!) I also use theĀ followingĀ alternatives to supplement my daily gluten free game – check them out if you need assistance or motivation switching to Gluten Free!

  1. The CrossRoads Baker– Gluten Free cooking demystified and perfected:Ā Recipes here!
  2. The Love with Food Box Subscriptions – they ship junk free and gluten free snacks to your door once a month AND each box ordered donates a second box to a hungry child in the US! If you’d like 50% off your first box – use this linkĀ here!

Good luck!


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