This morning I woke up, drew back the curtains and opened the sliding door to show our beautiful beachfront terrace. Outside the birds were chirping, the waves were crashing, and since it was early in the morning at a resort- they were hardly signs of other people up and about.

I decided to walk down to the beach for some morning meditation. The last few days and months have been rather stressful and I couldn’t help but feel completely surrounded by tension, stress, and anxiety about the future to come. In fact, so consumed by where we are in life that one of the biggest issues we were are faced with consistently worrying if every action we are making is putting us in the right position to adopt a baby, by a house some day, save for retirement and still pay our bills. These sound like the typical stresses of anyone right? Enjoying life but still accomplishing every goal.

I was recently told that I would need to consider a small laparoscopic surgery for some infertility issues I face. The thought of this surgery terrifies me but mostly because I have an irrational fear of anesthesia and we have so much coming this year including our adoption placement – expected in June. This thought has severely thrown a wrench into my plans and if you know me- deviating from the plan is never an easy task in my world.

But let’s get back to heading to the beach to meditate. I couldn’t help but think just how much the sound and view of those beautiful waves were impacting me for the morning- so I grabbed a sweater and a bottle of Joy by young living and headed to the sand.

Ten minutes set aside to become aware of my emotions was all it took. Today my focus is Joy. Today we need to realize the perfection of those things that are around us. So often it is so easy to get swept up in the negative or the stressors associated with certain areas or accomplishments in life that we even begin to diminish the meaning behind the accomplishment in the first place. My stress right now involves adoption of a baby. One way to think of that means that I should be stressed about the finances – it’s terribly expensive and a lot of work- stress. Or, the other way to think of it is that we have the opportunity to bless our own lives with the presence of this wonderful bundle of joy. An opportunity so many people do not find. An opportunity that will open our eyes to so much more in our daily lives.

This is only one example. My challenge for myself and my challenge for anyone reading this is to find the ‘joy’ in everything you do. Everything. Even the most stressful of things. What was the why? Why are you here? Why are you doing this? Your joy could be immediate or it could be to invest in the joy coming for your family later down the road.

Joy is a powerful tool and one that often gets hidden just out of site when we only look forward and never side to side to soak it all in.

Today- I choose Joy.

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